Frequently Asked Questions

Is Columbiana County Humane Society (CCHS)  a government agency? 
No, we are a 501c3 nonprofit agency that is not funded or controlled by any government agency or national organization.

How is CCHS funded?
Our primary source of funding is through donations made by people who recognize the importance of the services we provide. Contributions from individuals, corporate support, and bequests help keep our doors open. 

How will my donation be used?
Tax-deductible contributions to our agency help us pay for our vaccines, medical supplies, caretakers to take care of the animals on a daily basis, and to keep the lights on every day. Your donation enables us to assist animals throughout the county, to find homes for animals, to prosecute animal offenders, and to educate our community on the proper care of animals.

Is CCHS a ‘No-Kill’ shelter?
CCHS is an unlimited stay humane society that accepts animals-in-need, regardless of their health, temperament, age, or condition. Healthy, friendly animals and animals with illnesses and injuries who can be humanely treated will stay in our care for as long as it takes to find them a new home. We do not have prescribed time limits and we do not euthanize healthy, friendly animals, or animals who we can treat, to make space for new animals. 


However, animals suffering from illnesses or injuries that we can’t treat, some animals with infectious diseases, or animals who display aggressive behavior and are unsafe to rehome may be euthanized. We do not use the ‘no-kill’ terminology as we’ve found many people define it differently, to include never euthanizing any animal regardless of their suffering, health, or aggression.

Does CCHS work with local rescue groups?
Yes. We are establishing relationships with local breed placement and rescue organizations and are always interested in expanding our cooperative efforts in this area. 



Who investigates animal cruelty and neglect?
CCHS employs a humane agent who has been certified through the State of Ohio and appointed by Columbiana County’s Probate Court to enforce Ohio animal protection laws (ORC 959). Our services are supported entirely through donations/fundraising.

What is the difference between the humane society and the dog warden? 
The dog warden handles the following types of calls: Dogs running at large (strays), dog license and rabies vaccination enforcement, nuisance/dangerous/vicious dogs as it relates to O.R.C, injured stray dogs, bite cases of stray dogs (owned dogs by request), lost and found dogs. The county dog warden is funded via sales of dog licenses.

The humane society handles: Complaints of animals being abused, starved, abandoned (when the animal is confined to a property), exposed to the elements, in need of veterinary treatment, and hoarding cases involving companion animals.

I’ve found a stray dog, can you pick it up/can I drop it off? 
CCHS does not take stray dogs at this time. By law you must notify the dog warden of any stray. If it is during business hours, call the Columbiana County Dog Pound at 330-424-6663. If it is after hours, you may call your local police or, if you are able, keep the dog until the next business day and call the dog warden at that time. 

My neighbors moved out and left their animal behind. What should I do?
You can report it to our humane agent at 234-575-1400,, or via the contact form on our website, Our humane agent will come out, evaluate the situation, and post a notice for contact. If contact from the homeowners isn’t made, we will pursue legal means to get the animals out of the home.

Can’t you just break the window/door and take them?
No, that would be a violation of the law. If we need to enter a residence and the owner is not there to give permission, we must obtain a search warrant.

There are stray cats living in my neighborhood. Will you come get them?
At this time, CCHS does not take stray cats. We recommend that you participate in a TNR (trap neuter return) program and stop the cycle of reproduction. Both Alleycat Spay & Neuter Clinic and Angels for Animals have programs that can help you get them fixed at affordable prices. There are local cat rescues that may be able to help you but please be aware that there is no agency that will take stray cats and “promise” to not euthanize them. Stray cats are a community problem that can be improved through spay/neuter.

Can I surrender my pet to CCHS?
We do not accept owner surrenders at this time. We recommend contacting local rescues for assistance.

I have a problem with wildlife such as raccoons, opossums, bunnies, etc.? Who do I call? 
We recommend visiting Ohio Department of Natural Resources website

and following their advice.